Umbono Private Game Lodge’s restaurant is a real blend of fine dining and traditional African cooking. We cater to both local and international tastes at our venue, located right in the heart of stunning countryside. We take great pride in our service and have worked hard to create an unforgettable dining experience befitting of its natural beauty and tranquility. This ideal can be glimpsed both in our old ladies sitting around the fireplace, as well as young families enjoying meals on our delightful terrace.

A Stunning Dining Setting With Fine Cuisine

Our talented chefs have carefully prepared each dish on our varied menu in accordance with a range of Chinese cooking techniques. The locally sourced, fresh ingredients used on our dishes are not only tasty but also lovely to look at. The kitchen offers all foods for all palates-whether it be a simple breakfast, an extravagant dinner or quite tasty desserts indeed! Elegantly decorated throughout, hand painted murals and woven mats adorning the ceiling create a tranquil atmosphere perfect for sipping morning coffee with soft jazz playing in background.

Elegant Dining With A Touch Of Africa

The dining area at Umbono blends both elegance and native African grace. Inspired by the local culture and landscape, interiors create a warm environment. Large windows give guests a beautiful perspective on views of what’s around them – be they hills or animals in their natural environment. It’s a breathtaking sight for an entire meal.

Dining Under The Stars

For an extraordinary experience, we offer the option of dining outdoors. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace where guests can enjoy their meals under a starlit sky. This is a great experience that should not be missed, dining out in the African bush with nature sounds as accompaniment.

Catering Special Dietary Needs

We are conscious of respecting our guests’ preferred dietary requirements. Our chefs are adept at creating dishes that accommodate particular needs in diet, ensuring everyone who dines has a remove time.

Tailor-Made Service For Unforgettable Memories

Our restaurant staff are dedicated to making your evening special. Whether it’s help with wine selection or preparing a dish to your specifications, our team will ensure that you receive the best dining experience at Umbono.

A Feast For The Senses

The restaurant at Umbono Private Game Lodge is not just about food, its a sensory journey which reflects the overall experience of luxury, nature and culture. We invite you to explore Africa’s sights and flavors with a touch of elegance and friendly spirit!