Safaris move across the plains of Africa, where wildlife is seen through the eyes.People embark upon pleasurable guided pedestrian treks instead of man-killing safaris under guidance on a safe but exciting guided walk through the spot the big five and other game Our knowledgeable guides will accompany you all the way. These trips are not just about game-viewing; they teach you a tremendous amount of information about the biology and systems within an African bush.

Walking Safaris: Explore the Bush on Foot

Truly a fantastic way to experience real Africa.Escorted by an experienced guide, walking safaris offer a much more intimate experience of nature. The bush is a chance to view the smaller aspects which are just as magnificent as the wildebeest on land and involves learning about spoor-wise and taking footsteps in dirt

Bird Watching: Our Very Own Little Bird Sanctuary

‘Umbono’ as the area is affectionately known by us locals is every bird lover’s paradise . It is home to many different species of birds. And for those with an untrained eye, the lodge surroundings offer a satisfying birdwatching experience.

Culture Tours: Get The Local Flavor

The rich cultural tapestry of the region is on full display here. Get a glimpse into local customs, traditions, arts and mores with our culture tours. In this way, you have managed to combine making contact stronger still with locals and at the same time gain a better understanding of the area’s history and its culture.

Relaxation and Wellness: Rejuvenate Body and Soul

Our lodge also offers a full complement of relaxation and wellness activities. Rejuvenate your spirit with spa treatments that make use of traditional African healing techniques, and yoga classes amid the serene bush background.

Night Activities: The Mysteries of African Nights

When the day ends, here at Umbono adventure does not have to cease along with it. Our night activities like stargazing evenings and nocturnal wildlife drives reveal an entirely different face to the lush African landscape.

Experiences for All

At Umbono Private Game Lodge, there is a pursuit suitable for every taste and energy level. Whether you are seeking adventure, cultural edification, or simple rest and relaxation, our lodge offers a wide variety of options to ensure your stay is a rich one. We welcome you to come and explore, learn, relax and enjoy the essence of this unique part of Africa.