Our Animals

At Umbono Private Game Lodge, we take pride in being home to an exciting variety of Africa’s most captivating wildlife. On our private reserve guests have a rare opportunity to see these magnificent creatures alive in their natural habitat, each being an important link in the chain of life itself.

The Big Five: Africa’s Best-Known Wildlife

Our lodge is known as “The Big Five Capital” with the famous lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo. These five animals continually attract people from all over the world, offering unforgettable encounters and unrepeatable photo opportunities. Our tour guides are highly experienced at locating these great beasts while also ensuring that guests are safe and comfortable.

A Range of Herbivores and Carnivores

The reserve offers far more than the Big Five. There are also various kinds of herbivore, including giraffes, zebras, wildebeest and antelopes—all of which enliven the wonderfully dynamic ecosystem. As for predators such as cheetahs (the fastest animals on earth), hyenas and wild dogs, they too make their home here and can often be seen on the hunt for their next meal, putting on display the wild side of nature in all its magnificent brutality.

Birdwatchers’ Paradise

Bird lovers will be here at Umbono in their element, with a myriad of birds to keep them company. Whether it’s the majestic fish eagle or fishermen’s friend, the chirpy lilac-breasted roller that catches your eye, the range of flying creatures found on this central African game park is astonishing as well as exhilarating. On our guided bird-watching tours you can enjoy being up close and personal with these splendid members of the airborne set.

Endangered Species and the Conservation Ethic

Umbono Private Game Lodge is dedicated to saving wildlife, particularly those species which are endangered. We are taking part in a number of their efforts to preserve these noble creatures for the future.

Responsible Wildlife Viewing

We respect deeply all forms of life in our ecosystem. How we view and see wild animals is done in a way which is ethical and gives them the least amount of discomfort possible. We aim to show our visitors just how important it is protecting their environment while also showing respect for these creatures.

A Slice of Wildlife in its Habitat

At Umbono, the “Our Animals” section is not just about observing wildlife. It also provides a window onto why each creature is vital to its ecosystem. We invite you to experience an unforgettable wildlife adventure in Africa, where responsibly and sustainably managed you will see works of art that nature has crafted over millions of years.